Shocking News

May 01, 2007 - 7:37 a.m.

Just when I'm ready to toss them all in a huge garbage can something great happens.

Fred called me during his lunch yesterday to tell me he got a call back from Cold St*ne and has an "audition" on Sunday!

Go Fred!

Hubby actually helped me last night so I could FINISH our tax return. I'm so in trouble. I sure hope we are able to claim our hurricane loss. I don't even know how I messed up so bad. Oh well.

Squeak is nasty sick. Hacking up icky goobers and all. I just took his temp and it is perfectly normal, but he sounds horrendous. Poor baby.

Dad sounds pretty good. Seems he is the only one who ever had a triple bypass though! They are so silly.

Jay came over last night just in time for dinner. Of course, what's new. He actually came to take his bike again. He's been riding it quite a lot lately. I thought he was going to let me sell it for him but now I'm wondering. Kyn hasn't been with him the last 5 times he's come over. Wonder if that is significant.

Now I need to go drag those 2 munchkins out of bed and get my fanny to work.

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